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Our Custom Landscape Designs Flowers Townsend, DE

Townsend, DE Landscape Design

What is Landscape Design?

Landscape Design & Installation is the art of combining function and aesthetics into a pleasing design that compliments your home. Just like designing a floor plan for your home, we design a floor plan for your outdoor living area. Think of your yard as an extension of your living space. We are not only the designers, but we are also the builders. Extensive plant knowledge is required for long lasting, practical designs. Unlike houses, landscapes grow and change over time. Because we are Degreed Horticultural Professionals we not only are experts in design, but in plant material we use.

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How are we different from other companies?

You might be wondering what makes us different from other companies. Unlike most landscaping companies that specialize only in lawns or hardscaping, we specialize in plant knowledge first and foremost! So what does this mean for you? Well, have you ever had a landscape become overgrown in a matter of a few years, is your landscape made out of plants hacked into balls or squares, or do your plants just look like they are struggling even after you have talked to your landscaper? The reason for everything I have listed above is lack of plant knowledge. Most landscapers do not possess adequate plant knowledge, leading to quickly overgrown or unsuccessful landscape designs. Here at Endless Summer, we have degrees in Plant Science, Design, and Horticulture, making us the perfect choice for your home.

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