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Townsend, DE Garden Consulting

Perfect for DIY's

Garden Consulting is perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers. For those of you that like to do things yourself, but just need the know-how, garden consulting is perfect for you. Get out your pad and pen, because you will want to take notes during your one-on-one tour through your garden to discuss solutions for problem areas, and answer all of your questions. Anything from how to rejuvenate an existing area, where to install a patio, how to attract more wildlife to your garden, how to incorporate native plants, or simply what plants to use in your design, and much more. Oftentimes a written design is also purchased as a guide for where to plant new additions into the garden, how large to make areas, or what shape to create with planting beds versus walking or sitting areas. But homeowners may also simply take their own notes and take it away from there! Hint: using marking flags during this meeting can be extremely helpful in order to remember where to install your new plants and features.

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