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Townsend, DE
Landscape Design Services

We provide full and comprehensive landscape design services for our residential customers.

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Townsend Delaware's Choice for
Landscaping Design

Endless Summer Landscape Design is a woman run business with over 50 years of combined horticultural experience. Both mother and daughter are Degreed Professional Horticulturalists. We specialize in aesthetically pleasing yet functional landscape designs for each individual customer.

Our Custom Landscape Designs Ponds Townsend, DE Our designs are anything but cookie cutter! Call us Plant Geeks! Our horticultural knowledge ensures your design is not only beautiful, but functional for your needs, interesting in every season, easy to maintain, and will catch the attention of your friends and neighbors. Because we are Degreed Professionals, we know our plants inside and out, ensuring a successful design. No more overgrown shrubs three years after planting.

In addition to being plant geeks, we are also artists. Just like any type of art or design, landscape design is no different. A good eye for shape, color, and texture within your materials is a must for good design. Our materials just happen to be plants! Our designs not only suit your needs, but we also take into consideration the architectural shape, style, and colors of your home, ensuring our design enhances the look of your home.

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Call us: 302-528-5901 My Estimate